Friday, 24 August 2012

Information About Profitcliking

Hi Friends I hope You all Will be Fine now Lets Come to the Point first of All i introduce my self I am Shakir and i am doing online Work with Just bin paid or Profit clicking Now the Main thing is that you all want to earn money on internet But the one thing is that the most Companies have done the Scam and close their Company and the people lost the money I know Friends your money is so important to you Do not wory Friends i am Introducing the world Wide Best and legal company and this is the Very famous and popular company many people Know about this but Dear manay people were saying abut just bin paid the comapny has been closed no this was not true just bin paid was doing migration and On profitcliking Domain and they have already announced this news on their facebook Status so please do not be wory about just bin paid and the Company new Name is Profitcliking and all of the just bin paid Users are doing migration on profitcliking this process is going on that will be end On monday now just been paid is very old company since 2010 they have Legal business let clear How they are legal you know about the advertising and Media is also Doing advertising Now the Wrold is growing fast and internet also Doing Advertising via Usings Ads clicking Right the  same business are doing Jss or profitcliking they are promoting the Other business and charged and Share the profit with Affilate the Questoin is why they are sharing to us You knows About the ptc sites you clicks on the Sites and they givs you very smal earning right but now in profitcliking they are giving you profit against your Investment your profit will be Depend on your investment.

Privacy Of the Jss and Prfitcliking :

1: In the Starting Company will provide you 10$ For Buying Package this package will be Expire after 90 days and You will have to click 25 Ads with In one week and company shares the profit 2% daily but 1.5 percent in the Saturday and Sunday you can buy manay Package from your External investment and you can Buy manay package As you can but the work will remain Same 25 ads Only you will have to click and the Package will be Expire after 81 day.please do not try to make Multiple Account be Remember my this point.

2: Let Suppose you invested 100$ and 10$ will be given by company and you bought 11 ads Package after 81 days they all will be Expire as company policy so at the end of the 81 day you total earning will
240 $ 100$ is your Investment and Company will takes 10$ return they Gives you In the Starting and your total net profit Will be 130$ 100$ is your old investment and total is 230$ thats it and you can invest you Money through Payza,egopay,Solid trust pay.

3: One Thing You can compound your earning Once it Reached At 10$ because can buy the package 10$ if your earning will be less that 10$ you can Not compound your earning.

4: When your 4 package is expired so you can Buy a matrix its cost will be 20$ and you can put your 4 expire package in this Matrix and after 60 days Your 20$ will have make the Commision 60$ this is called Your Earning Will be Triple as Same in just bin paid.

Important Note : Please Do not Buy the Matrix Until You have Four Expire Package.

5: You can Withdraw your Payment When your balance Minimum Reached 20$ and Maximum as you can and The Good News With in 24 hours and Your Payment Will sent On your Payza,Egopay,Solid trust pay Account.

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We will Tell you In Our Video How To Buy package in profitcliking
How to Buy Matrix in profitcliking,How Invest in profitcliking,
How To Withdraw your Earning in profitcliking.
How To compund your earning in profitcliking.
How to grow Your business.
and the Main think i will tell you how Much you Should Invest and Your Daily Earning
Terms and policy.
If You will Follow Me You can Make Easily 500$ Dollar Easily And grwoing day by day.
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